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Galazio Suites…

γαλάζιο/ɣalázʝo/The light, greek sky blue

Galazio Suites, built following the traditional Cycladic architecture, is fully in harmony with the environment of Serifos, combining the charm of stone with the warmth of wood. It comprises 12 modern suites and studios that seamlessly blend traditional and modern styles, all oriented towards Livadakia beach.

Unwind by the elegant swimming pool, surrounded by tranquil serenity. Indulge in our breakfast delights, savoring the essence of Greece on your plate. With easy access to the nearby Livadakia beach, every moment at Galazio Suites is a celebration of the Cycladic spirit.

Welcome to a coastal haven where the Greek experience unfolds!

The Galazio Experience

The Suites



Serifos, with its beautiful Chora, its wild beauty and stunning landscapes, its dazzling beaches and its long history, has its own special Cycladic air. It has the unparalleled ability to charm the visitor, to speak directly to his senses and to win him forever…

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