Galazio Serifos Think Green

We Think Green

At Galazio Suites we work consistently to integrate sustainability into our operations. We strive to provide our guests with high quality services, while reducing our environmental footprint in order to protect our planet and our dear Serifos!

Think Green Energeia

We limit energy consumption!

Galazio Suites was built according to the principles of bioclimatic design. In addition to the thermal insulation achieved through the extensive use of stone and energy efficient windows, emphasis has been placed on natural ventilation and cooling of the rooms, in order to limit the use of air conditioning. Combined with the universal use of LED lamps and low consumption electrical appliances, we achieve a significant reduction in energy consumption!

Thanks to the use of high-efficiency solar panels combined with smart hot water production stations, we cover 90% of our annual hot water needs exclusively from solar energy!

Think Green Oikonomia Sto Nero

We limit water consumption!

We collect rainwater in underground tanks that were built into the buildings during their construction! We use the water we collect to water our gardens and wash our yards!

We use modern inverter pumps to control the pressure of the water that reaches our guests’ apartments and limit the water wasted!

Think Green Den Xrisimopoioume Plastiko

We limit the use of plastic and paper!

We eliminate plastic packaging for shower gel and shampoo and use refillable containers.

Breakfast is served exclusively in reusable utensils.

We keep printing to a minimum by using digital media to share information with our visitors!

Think Green Voithiste Mas

Help us in our efforts to protect our planet!

Help reduce our detergent use by reducing washing! If you don’t want us to replace your sheets and towels just let us know!

Help us reduce energy consumption by turning off the lights and air conditioning when you are not in your room by removing your spare key from the card switch.

Give us your suggestions on how we can help our environment!